5 best characters like A124 in Free Fire MAX

5 best characters like A124 in Free Fire MAX

Possessing unique powers, characters play a vital role on the battlegrounds in Free Fire MAX. They aid users in several combat situations. Essentially, gamers should select characters with a strategy-based approach as only four character abilities can be equipped at a time.


Among other characters, A124 is a female character who comes with an active ability called Thrills of Battle, which unleashes an eight-meter electromagnetic wave that disables enemies’ skill activation and interrupts their interaction countdown. The ability has a cooldown time (CD) of 50 seconds, and the effect lasts for 30 seconds. The Thrill of Battle is a magnificent ability for tactical use.

Free Fire MAX players need to try playing with these overpowered characters if they like A124

5) Homer


Ability: Senses Shockwave (active)

Introduced in the recent OB34 update, Homer is a new Free Fire MAX character with an active ability called Senses Shockwave. With a CD of 90 seconds, Homer’s Senses Shockwave ability releases a drone towards the nearest enemy within a frontal range of 100 meters. It creates a five-meter pulse explosion that reduces the movement speed by 60 percent and fire rate by 35 percent.

Additionally, it also offers 25 HP damage. The entire effect lasts for only five seconds, and this specific character can be highly useful in various strategies.

Note: Though the developers have already included Homer on the character roster, it is not yet unlockable by Free Fire MAX gamers. They will have to wait a few more days to get to unlock and use Homer.

2) Dimitri


Ability: Healing Heartbeat (active)

With a CD of 60 seconds, Dimitri’s Healing Heartbeat ability creates a 3.5-meter immovable healing zone inside which users and allies recover their HPs at a rate of 3 HP/s. Interestingly, the temporary zone allows users and allies to self-recover when downed.

The zone lasts for 15 seconds, which is quite fair. And the self-recovery option is the only factor that distinguishes Dimitri from other Free Fire MAX characters. This fabulous character is extremely beneficial in duo and squad matches, especially while pushing rank and playing in tournament games.

3) Otho


Ability: Memory Mist (passive)

The first character with a passive ability on this list is Otho. After eliminating an enemy, his Memory Mist ability reveals the positions of enemies who are within the 25-meter range of the elimination spot. Impressively, the information will be shared with the teammates.

Otho is a prime choice for aggressive players, notably in duo and squad matches. A minimum of one player should equip Otho’s ability. This way, if any member of the opposing team gets eliminated, their entire squad can be eliminated immediately with the help of Memory Mist. However, users should be good at rushing.

4) Steffie


Ability: Painted Refuge (active)

Lasting 15 seconds, Steffie’s Painted Refuge ability creates a four-meter area where throwables are rendered invalid. Additionally, allies in the area will restore their 10-percent armor durability every second, and damage from ammo will be reduced by 20 percent.

Players can only use the ability once every 60 seconds. It should be noted that the effects do not stack with similar effects powered by other characters.

Steffie is highly recommended in tournament Clash-Squad matches as there are extreme possibilities of grenades and several throwables being used. Free Fire MAX gamers can save their whole squad effortlessly from these deadly throwables with a little help from Steffie.

5) Chrono


Ability: Time Turner (active)

With a CD of 110 seconds, Chrono’s Time Turner ability creates an impenetrable force field that blocks 800 damage. However, users will not be able to attack their enemies from within it. The force field is a 360-degree shield, protecting users from lethal enemy fire from all directions.

The effect only lasts for six seconds, which seems quite insufficient.

Despite receiving nerf multiple times, Chrono is still a splendid character for all kinds of players, such as rushers, snipers, and assaulters. Chrono even competes with Wukong in some scenarios.

Note: Free Fire MAX character abilities described are at their maximum level, and this list solely reflects the personal opinion of the author.

Edited by Soumyadyuti Ghosh

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