5 best Free Fire collaboration skins released in 2021

5 best Free Fire collaboration skins released in 2021

Collaborations have been a big part of Garena Free Fire as they have brought plenty of new items to the game. These collabs have introduced most of the characters and many other collectibles, like skins. The latter serves as the special edition items exclusive to an event.

2021 saw the arrival of many Free Fire collabs that brought some unique rewards. These in-game prizes were unlockable through top-ups, Faded Wheels, special lucky draws, missions, etc. Many of them cost hundreds of diamonds, while some were free.

Garena Free Fire: The best collab skins that devs unveiled this year

1) Victory Charge gloo wall

In July, fans saw the “Free Fire × McLaren” collaboration that introduced one of the best skins in the game. A special edition gloo wall skin, Victory Charge, was launched through the McLaren Top Up event, and it was a free reward that players got after a 500-diamond top-up.

2) Furinkazan AWM

The early days of July welcomed the “Free Fire × Street Fighter 5” collaboration, which was responsible for the Furinkazan AWM. The special edition gun skin served as an upgrade to the base weapon and was available through the faded wheel.

3) Gold Vault gloo wall

The Money Heist collab brought some of the most popular events and items to the game, coinciding with the show’s final outing. The Money Heist-themed event, “Reload Target Down”, introduced the Gold Vault gloo wall, which flaunted one of the most excellent designs ever.

4) One-Punch Man M1887

In January, Free Fire collaborated with One-Punch Man, resulting in the introduction of many OP Man-themed items in Free Fire. One such reward was the One-Punch Man M1887, introduced through a special exchange event. Players were supposed to unlock the M1887 skin by exchanging first tokens.

5) Venom backpack

Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage opened in cinemas globally in October, and Garena introduced a collaboration with the movie around the same time. Users were able to acquire many Venom-themed items, and one of them was an exclusive backpack skin. It was a free reward that players could unlock by logging in to Free Fire.

Note: This list is not written in any particular order and solely reflects the writer’s opinion.

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