5 best Free Fire gun skin designs released in 2021

5 best Free Fire gun skin designs released in 2021

There has been an abundance of gun skins in Garena Free Fire that serve as an upgraded variant for a specific weapon. Players often get these upgraded firearms through top-ups, faded wheels, weapon royales, weapon crates, redeem codes, and many more.

This year saw the arrival of plenty of beautiful designs in Free Fire, which players unlocked. Most of these weapons were rare, unique, and cost hundreds of diamonds. And some of these gun skins became the highlight of 2021 due to their designs.

Which are the best Free Fire gun skin designs released in 2021?

5) Rapper Underworld M1887

Fan-favorite Rapper Underworld bundles returned to Free Fire through the ‘Rapper’s Wish’ event in August 2021. The return of the bundles was accompanied by a new M1887 skin in the game.

Rapper Underworld M1887 offered an upgrade in the rate of fire and reload speed while denting the accuracy. However, the skin’s highlight was the impressive smokey VFX with the rapper design.

4) Furinkazan AWM

AWM is arguably the best SR in Free Fire and a must-have weapon for long-range battles. In July, Garena announced the Street Fighter collab that introduced some of the unique and exclusive items in the game.

Furinkazan AWM is a Street Fighter limited edition weapon skin and was a part of the faded wheel event during the same month. It provided enhanced damage and reload speed while decreasing the ammo.

3) The Executioner Kar98K

The Executioner Kar98K was introduced in March through Weapon Royale. The gun skin provides an upgrade in penetration and range of Kar98K with a decrease in movement speed.

The blood-red Kar98K skin was available with some sparkling special effects and was removed from the Luck Royale section after some time. However, it was later introduced in the store through crates.

2) Predatory Cobra MP40

Garena added plenty of Cobra-themed items in February, and those items included the famous Cobra Rage bundles and an MP40 skin. Introduced via the ‘Project Cobra’ event, Predatory Cobra MP40 was an EVO gun skin.

It served as an upgradable weapon that became highly popular during its first appearance in the game. Due to the popular demand, developers brought it back in Free Fire earlier this month.

1) Aurora Oni MP5

Aurora Oni MP5 is the most recent gun skin appearing on this list. The upgraded weapon increases fire rate and penetration while snipping the magazine capacity.

Apart from the capabilities and upgrades, the gun skin has an astonishing design that blends violet, golden, and white colors. It was available in the game along with the Midnight Oni bundle.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the opinion of the writer.

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