5 Free Fire MAX tips for landing headshots easily in ranked matches

5 Free Fire MAX tips for landing headshots easily in ranked matches

Headshots are not just a flex of skill in Free Fire MAX ranked matches. They have tactical utility and can help even the odds in a losing battle. However, mastering this skill is not as easy as it seems.

It takes hours of practice, and there are numerous factors to take into consideration as well. Thankfully, the skill is such that players can learn as they fight. By implementing a few tips, they’ll be able to land headshots efficiently in no time.

Implement these tips to land headshots with ease in Free Fire MAX

5) Scope-in when shooting at long-range

When shooting at long-range targets, gamers need to scope in to be more accurate. While some can land perfect shots without scoping in, most players cannot.

Scoping-in not only provides a clean line of sight but also ensures that users can see the area surrounding their target. This will allow them to understand how the enemy may react to gunfire, that is if the headshot does not kill them.

4) Wait for the target to stop moving


An easy way to land headshots in Free Fire MAX is to simply wait for the target to stop moving. Although this is not an ideal scenario, opponents do stop moving between now and then during a match.

Patient players will be able to utilize this to their advantage. They’ll be able to fire accurately and secure a kill with ease. Highly skilled users can use bait to pull off this strategy.

3) Use the right weapon for the job


While having a steady aim and quick reflexes are the core requirements for landing headshots, there is a third factor at work: weapon choice. Certain weapons will have to be used to execute a headshot, depending on the situation.

For instance, using a shotgun or SMG in close-range fights will yield more results than an AR or sniper. Whereas in long-range battles, Free Fire MAX gamers will need to use specialized weapons for the task.

2) Secure high ground


Securing good firing angles makes a lot of difference during a match. This allows players to get a clear view of the battlefield and scout out opponents. When an enemy comes into range, a clean headshot can be taken.

Additionally, when on high ground, due to bad angles for the enemy, users will be safe from returning fire. Depending on the angle, they may not even sustain any damage and will be free to continue shooting at opponents.

1) Use character abilities


In Free Fire MAX, there are numerous characters that gamers can choose from. Each has a special ability that helps users on the battlefield. However, when it comes to accuracy buffs, only two are fit for the task: Laura and Dasha.

Laura’s ability, Sharp Shooter, increases weapons accuracy when scoped in with any weapon. Dasha’s ability, Partying On, reduces maximum recoil and recoil buildup for all guns. These two powers will help gamers land headshots consistently when used in conjunction.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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