5 Free Fire tips and tricks for beginners to avoid getting trapped outside the zone

5 Free Fire tips and tricks for beginners to avoid getting trapped outside the zone

Getting stuck outside the safe zone in Free Fire is not a good place to be. Players take zone damage and are left vulnerable. Even rotating to the safe zone can become dangerous as opponents often camp the edges.

The best option is to avoid getting trapped outside the safe zone in the first place. Although this is second nature to most experienced players, beginners often make this mistake, leading to early-game eliminations.

Avoid getting stuck outside Free Fire’s safe zone by following these simple tips

5) Don’t land at the edge of the map

Passive players and newcomers to Free Fire tend to land at the edges of the map. These regions are free from opponents, ensuring that early-game fights will not occur.

However, this strategy is a double-edged sword. Being that far out from the center of the map makes rotations hard. If users find no transportation, they’ll be forced to run, which is both time-consuming and frustrating.

4) Secure a vehicle or surfboard during the early-game

While running is a viable method of rotating, it has its limitations. Even while using characters like Kelly, gamers cannot move as fast as they would like to. Furthermore, running leaves them vulnerable to enemy fire.

The safest way to rotate is by using vehicles or surfboards. They can be found all over the map and are easy to use. The former protects when rotating, while surfboards can be stored in the inventory.

3) When rotating, avoid moving through regions with uneven terrain

When rotating outside the safe zone in Free Fire, players should avoid moving through areas that have uneven terrain. If they get stuck at the base of a cliff or steep hill, they will have to go round it.

This not only wastes time but may lead to using medical supplies as well. Users who do not have characters like K, DJ Alok or Dimitri, will be forced to stop and heal to stay alive.

2) Keep an eye on the timer

An easy way to avoid getting stuck outside the safe zone is to keep an eye on the timer. At the top of the screen, a small countdown timer shows exactly when the safe zone will shrink.

If Free Fire gamers watch it diligently while looting and rotating, they will never be caught outside the safe zone. As simple as this sounds, most beginners ignore the timer until it’s too late.

1) Avoid getting into fights far outside the safe zone

Fighting during the early game in Free Fire is a prevalent strategy. Players acquire loot and venture out in search of glory and to improve their K/D ratio. While there’s no harm in this strategy, fighting far outside the safe zone may become a problem.

Users will have to split their attention between fighting opponents and rotating to safety, making it difficult to focus on either one. Furthermore, depending on the opponent’s location, gamers may get pinned down by gunfire and get eliminated.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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