5 Free Fire tips and tricks to improve aim and headshot accuracy (December 2021)

5 Free Fire tips and tricks to improve aim and headshot accuracy (December 2021)

Having a good aim in Free Fire is essential for landing headshots. This allows plays to take out opponents faster while using less ammunition in the process. Although it may take many hours of practice to perfect, it’s far from impossible.

Improving the ability to land headshots in-game need not be technical. Aside from the sensitivity settings, there are numerous small improvements that players can make during gameplay to get better.

Improving aim and landing headshots in Free Fire made easy

1) Use weapons that have a scope

There are numerous weapons in Free Fire. Each belongs to a certain category and comes in handy in different situations. For long-range fights, snipers, marksman rifles and ARs are the best choice.

What makes these weapons amazing is the scope attachment. This allows players to get a better look at their targets and aim for headshots from long distances. Those with a steady hand will be able to land consecutive headshots during every engagement.

2) Drag rotation is a must have skill

Drag rotation is a must have skill in Free Fire. It allows players to snap-fire at opponents at any range. Rather than pan the camera into position, this technique allows the user to directly lock onto the target.

However, a lot of time and practice will be needed to perfect every aspect of the skill.

3) Fire in short bursts or single shots

Recoil is a major issue in Free Fire. Once the weapon has fired a certain number of shots, the bullets begin to stray. While skilled players can counteract the recoil by making minor adjustments, most players do not possess the mechanical skill to execute these movements accurately.

To avoid this situation, all users need to do is fire single shots or short bursts. In this manner, recoil will be kept to a minimum and accuracy will remain high. Players will use fewer bullets in the process as well.

4) Build a good character combination

Aside from skills in-game, using certain characters or their abilities can help players increase accuracy. Laura is one such character in Free Fire. Her Sharp Shooter ability increases the player’s accuracy when scoped in.

Another great character is Dasha. Her Partying On ability reduces the maximum recoil by 10%. This enables the user to shoot more accurately while sustaining a decent rate of fire.

5) When scoped in avoid moving too much while firing

When scoped in and engaged in combat, Free Fire players should avoid moving about and shooting. While seasoned players have mastered this skill, beginners will not be able to focus on shooting.

Additionally, being scoped in reduces the user’s field of view. This makes it difficult to spot enemies on the sidelines. Moving about may put the player in danger and allow opponents to score an easy elimination.

Note: The list is in no particular order, and the article solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

Edited by Siddharth Satish

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