5 tips for using gloo wall like pro players in Free Fire MAX (June 2022)

5 tips for using gloo wall like pro players in Free Fire MAX (June 2022)

Gloo walls are arguably the most significant utility in Free Fire MAX to outplay opponents. These are temporary walls primarily deployed to defend against enemies’ lethal attacks. However, some professional players also use them to trick their foes.

Free Fire MAX users are often judged according to their pace and tactics of deploying gloo walls. Hence, they need to come up with certain gloo wall tricks.

Over the past couple of years, gamers have discovered many techniques to play with gloo walls.

Free Fire MAX: Five pro pointers to use gloo walls in June 2022

1) Use Beaston pet


Beaston in Free Fire MAX has a skill called Helping Hand, which, at a minimum level, increases the throwing distance of grenades, flashbangs, smoke grenades, and gloo walls by 10%. It also increases the throwing distance of said utilities by 30% at the maximum level.

Gamers are well-aware of the throwing range of gloo walls. During specific situations, such as blocking an area, building a temporary cover in front of enemies, and performing tactics, they become pretty necessary to employ gloo walls at a farther distance. Here, Beaston will aid them magnificently.

2) One-shot, one-gloo wall trick


The one-shot, one-gloo wall trick is famous as a one-tap gloo wall trick. When performing it, users have to shoot one bullet and instantly deploy a gloo in front of themselves. This is highly practiced in custom room matches with unlimited ammo settings on.

However, it can also be done in ranked and casual matches if players have enough gloo walls. Notably, this will be much better if gloo walls get employed while in a crouched position, called the sit-up gloo wall trick.

Individuals should know that this is one of the most widely embraced tricks, and those who perform it excellently get a distinct spotlight in the community.

3) Use left fire button (HUD setting)


A considerable number of players use the left fire button to place gloo walls. They boast that the movement speed is never disturbed while putting gloo walls with the left fire button. Hence, gamers who do not use the specific option should enable it from the settings and start practicing with it.

It will take some time to play with the new HUD, but they will hardly be defeated by their opponents when mastered. This technique is likely more straightforward with a three or four-finger claw HUD setting.

The ideal Free Fire MAX HUD arrangement extensively enhances the efficiency of users to deploy gloo walls quickly and accurately.

4) 360-degree gloo wall trick


The 360⁰ gloo wall technique is famous among Free Fire MAX gamers. In this procedure, they have to deploy multiple gloo walls quickly while rotating around in a sitting position. This results in users packing themselves within gloo walls. This trick is indeed splendid for 1v4 fights.

This trick is essential for custom room players to learn. They can handily outplay the whole squad showcasing fabulous gloo wall gameplay.

Zerox FF, PAGAL M10, Raistar, etc., are some of the big names in the community who are regarded as the masters of this trick. However, it is notably challenging for beginners to gain expertise in this specific playing style.

5) Deploy gloo walls wisely


Instead of placing gloo walls rapidly, some players need to use them wisely. Esports athletes and rank pushers are focused on this point.

The ultimate goal of Free Fire MAX users in tournament matches and rank pushes is to conquer the battle, disregarding the number of kills.

Consequently, they should not overuse this defensive item and save as many gloo walls as possible for the right time. These items are often demanded to a higher extent in the last zones.

Note: This article is entirely based on the author’s personal opinion.

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