5 tips to increase K/D and win ratios in Garena Free Fire

5 tips to increase K/D and win ratios in Garena Free Fire

The K/D ratio in Free Fire plays an important role. Players will refuse to team up if the statistics are bad. In fact, some guilds will not even accept the user until the K/D ratio meets the minimum requirement.

Indeed, maintaining a high positive K/D ratio is not an easy task. While kills can always be increased, the only sure way to keep deaths to a minimum is by winning every match.

Sadly, given the numerous factors that come into play, that’s not a realistic possibility. However, by following a few tips, gamers can improve their odds of winning every match and keep their K/D ratios high in Free Fire.

Maximize K/D ratio and win rate in Free Fire by following these tips

5) Have a flexible playstyle

Having a flexible playstyle can help improve the odds of winning in Free Fire. Rather than simply rushing opponents, camping, or looting throughout the match, users need to adapt to situations and improvise.

Sadly, this skill cannot be taught to players. They need to find out what works well on a personal level. It will take a lot of trial and error, but dominating the match will become easy once mastered.

4) Looting before shooting

To improve the K/D ratio in Free Fire, gamers need to eliminate opponents. The only way to do this effectively is by using weapons, and the best way to acquire good weapons is by looting.

Before engaging in combat, it is crucial that players stock up on supplies, find good weapons and their corresponding attachments. This will give them an edge in battle and improve their odds of winning.

3) Play with an experienced squad

Although solo mode is great for lone wolves, playing with an experienced squad has its advantages. Teammates can min-max their characters’ combo, select pets that provide indirect bonuses to the team, and plan strategies.

The entire dynamics of the game change in squad mode, and everything feels better. With proper coordination, players can have fun while improving their stats in-game.

2) Level up characters and build a strong combo

When building a character combo in Free Fire, it is vital to ensure they are at the max level. Using abilities that haven’t been maxed out will leave gamers at a disadvantage.

Since leveling up characters can be a long-drawn process, they should focus on one character at a time. This will ensure that at least the primary ability will be maxed out soon.

1) Implement strategy

Characters, pets, gun skins, and gear all play a vital role in winning matches in Free Fire. However, none of it matters if users are unable to strategize or plan in-game.

Rushing headfirst into combat or away from it will not help improve the K/D ratio, let alone secure a Booyah. Players need to learn how to use the strategy effectively throughout matches to be successful.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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