Ashok Gehlot On BJP’s Rajasthan Meeting

Ashok Gehlot On BJP’s Rajasthan Meeting

On Wednesday, the Chief Minister targeted the Centre over inflation.


Hours before BJP’s meeting of national office bearers, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Thursday said the party is holding the conclave in the state as it is scared after the Congress organised its ‘Chintan shivir’ in Udaipur recently.

He said as soon as the Congress’ ‘Chintan Shivir’ was announced, the BJP also decided to hold its meeting in Jaipur.

“They are scared and therefore they are coming here,” he said, confident that the people of the state will vote for Congress in the next assembly elections.

Targeting the saffron party for its agenda of Hindutva, the chief minister said the BJP is doing politics in the name of Hindus and has become arrogant under the impression that they have their support.

“They are just misleading in the name of Hindutva. This will backfire. This is not in the interest of the public,” Mr Gehlot said.

He said during the Congress rule, resignations from chief ministers and Union ministers were sought when allegations were made (against them) as the leadership used to care about what people will think.

“But these (BJP) people do not care about what people say,” he said.

He also alleged that the communal tension in the state’s Karauli in April was “pre-planned”.

Be it Karauli or Jodhpur, where communal tension broke out in the recent past, the police controlled the situation and riots were not allowed to happen, Mr Gehlot said.

He said it was BJP’s agenda to defame the Congress government in Rajasthan.

He reiterated that an atmosphere of tension is there in the country so that public attention can be diverted from the real issues of inflation and unemployment.

Mr Gehlot also said that increase in crime, incidents of paper leaks etc. were the result of unemployment and it is the responsibility of both the Centre and state governments to provide jobs to youths.

On Wednesday, the Chief Minister targeted the Centre over inflation.

“The wholesale inflation rate in the country has reached a record 15.08 per cent. It is more than 10 per cent for one year. Inflation has made life difficult for the common man, but the NDA government wants to maintain tension among people in the name of religion and caste so that there can be no discussion on inflation and unemployment,” he had tweeted.

Mr Gehlot said after petrol and diesel, now food items are also becoming out of reach of the common man.

“The value of the rupee has fallen continuously to a historic low of 1 dollar = Rs 77.74, due to which the prices of all imported goods are increasing continuously. Fears of a reduction in foodgrain production this year may further increase inflation,” he said.

The CM further said it seems that the economic policies of the central government have failed and they have no plan to control inflation.

“Instead of diverting the country’s attention to the temple-mosque issues, the prime minister and the NDA government should focus on solving the unemployment problem and controlling inflation,” Mr Gehlot added.

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