Best Magic Cube bundles to claim in Free Fire MAX (May 2022)

Best Magic Cube bundles to claim in Free Fire MAX (May 2022)

The next update for Free Fire MAX is scheduled to be launched on 25 May, and to celebrate the occasion of its release, the developers will be providing players with a free Magic Cube token. To get the same, individuals will simply need to fulfill the requirements by playing the game for fifteen minutes.

Later, they will be able to redeem any one of these bundles for free:

  1. Moonlight Ballad
  2. Enchanted Fable
  3. Verdict Ironface
  4. Judgement Ironface
  5. The Era of Gold
  6. The Age of Gold
  7. Berserker
  8. Full Leather
  9. Kinship Clan
  10. Ice Age

Since users can only redeem one bundle, they may be confused regarding which one to opt for. The following section lists the best options available.

List of the best Free Fire MAX Magic Cube bundles (May 2022)

3) Judgement Ironface

Judgement Ironface is one of the most visually appealing costumes in Free Fire MAX. It was launched a little over a year ago, and users had to spend diamonds or vouchers to spin the wheel in the related luck royale.

With the gold mask and overall stoic attire, the bundle has a regal and spooky aesthetic. Listed below are the contents of Judgement Ironface:

  • Judgement Ironface (Head)
  • Judgement Ironface (Mask)
  • Judgement Ironface (Top)
  • Judgement Ironface (Bottom)
  • Judgement Ironface (Shoes)

2) Kinship Clan


Kinship Clan is the best female costume that players can spend their Magic Cube on. The outfit, otherwise known as the Female Ice Age set, was released in the ‘Dead of Winter’ Diamond Royale back in 2018.

The bundle’s tribal aesthetic, alongside the animal skull mask, will easily intimidate opponents. The following is a list of the items that are included in the Kinship Clan bundle:

  • Kinship Clan (Head)
  • Kinship Clan (Top)
  • Kinship Clan (Bottom)
  • Kinship Clan (Shoes)

1) Full Leather


Full Leather occupies the top position on this list and is arguably the best bundle that users can select from the Magic Cube Store. This particular costume was released by Garena in 2019 and has been utilized by many gamers since.

The entire costume offers a unique appearance for male characters, with individuals having the ability to create costume combinations using the different parts included in the bundle. Here are the exact specifics:

  • Full Leather (Mask)
  • Full Leather (Top)
  • Full Leather (Bottom)
  • Full Leather (Shoes)

How to get Magic Cube in Free Fire MAX and claim the bundles mentioned above

This event will be rewarding a Magic Cube for free (Image via Sportskeeda)
This event will be rewarding a Magic Cube for free (Image via Sportskeeda)

The free Magic Cube token will be distributed to gamers in Free Fire MAX as part of the ‘Claim Free Magic Cube’ event. It will be available on 25 May and 26 May, following the release of the OB34 version.

Once accessible, gamers may claim the specific Magic Cube and redeem the bundles by following the process outlined below:

Step 1: After opening Free Fire MAX, users have to visit the in-game store.

Step 2: They must head over to the ‘Redeem’ section by clicking on the option present on the right side.

Step 3: Different bundles will show up on their screen, and the desired one can be selected and redeemed.

Note: This list of Free Fire MAX bundles represents the writer’s opinion, and the user’s choices may vary.

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