Free Fire V-Badge process listed and explained for all servers

Free Fire V-Badge process listed and explained for all servers

Garena Free Fire is among the few mobile games that have seen success globally in recent years. The increase in fan-following of the survival shooter has been quite overwhelming.

Furthermore, the game’s popularity growth has provided a chance for plenty of streamers to shine globally on platforms like YouTube. Garena has also contributed to developing its brand and streamers with its Partner Program.

Garena Free Fire’s Partner Program is solely meant for content creators, who are required to fulfill a set of prerequisites to avail themselves of special perks. Once creators become partners, they can get several compensations and benefits from Garena’s side.

Moreover, one can receive a V-Badge that signifies verification in Free Fire (and the MAX variant). More details about the V-Badge application process are given as follows:

V-Badge in Garena Free Fire: Eligibility criteria and application process

Eligibility criteria for V-Badge (Image via Garena)
Eligibility criteria for V-Badge (Image via Garena)

The Partner Program is open to almost every server, and content creators can apply with a lot of fuss on the official website. However, before applying for V-Badge, creators must consider the following conditions that are a must to join the program:

  • The applicants should own a YouTube channel with a minimum of 100,000 subscribers.
  • Developers usually consider the last 30-day activity of the channel. Thus, the channel must have 80% content focused on Free Fire (or the MAX variant), and the aggregate of views should be around 300,000 during that span.
  • Applicants should ensure that they are consistent in their content and social media activity.
  • The content featured on the channel should be non-offensive, engaging, and clean, while maintaining quality is also a must.
  • Applicants must embody the passion and drive for success in gaming, alongside a professional and hard-working attitude.
Partner Program application form for Indian server (Image via Google)
Partner Program application form for Indian server (Image via Google)

Gamers must note that the eligibility criteria mentioned above are specifically meant for the Indian server. At the same time, other regions have similar requirements with minor changes in the number of subscribers, the aggregate of views, and platforms.

If any creator wants to apply for the V-Badge, they can follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Use a search engine in a web browser to get the results for the “Free Fire Partner Program.”

Step 2: Tap on the relevant result while avoiding copycat/fraudulent websites.

Step 3: One should look at the eligibility criteria for the Partner Program in their server.

Step 4: They should click on a button tha5 says “Join Now,” “Apply Now,” or a similar command, which will redirect them to an application form for V-Badge (Partner Program).

Step 5: One should fill in the required information with proofs (if needed).


They can apply and wait for a response from the moderators/dev team. After receiving the confirmation, one will be able to receive the V-Badge and other perks of the Partner Program.

Note: Each server has a different website per the domain and country.

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