Garena banned more than 2.9 million Free Fire accounts for cheating in the last two weeks

Garena banned more than 2.9 million Free Fire accounts for cheating in the last two weeks

2021 is drawing to a close, and what a year it has been for Garena Free Fire. Aside from winning the Esports Mobile Game of the Year gong at The Esports Awards 2021, the title’s revenue surpassed $1 billion.

Garena also launched a new, improved version of the game titled Free Fire Max, installed on more than ten crore Android devices worldwide.

However, even with its enormous popularity, the game has been plagued by cheaters and hackers. To detect and restrict gamers attempting to obtain unfair advantages through third-party hacking, Garena has built a system.

Additionally, Free Fire’s developer releases biweekly reports showing cheating data to reassure fans.

In a new report from the officials, the number of hackers banned and the types of cheating used were detailed. In the past two weeks, 2,941,022 accounts were banned. 55.32% of these users were suspended due to multiple reports, which is an increase of 37% from the last statement.

Analysis of the banned Free Fire accounts

The percentage of cheaters using hacking scripts in the last two weeks was:

  1. Around 44.9% of cheaters used auto-aim cheats, the most used hack. Auto-aim is used to improve a player’s aim and target the enemy’s hitbox.
  2. Antenna hacks were used by 27.2% of hackers, which gave them access to the location of each player on the map.
  3. 17.5% of banned users employed teleportation hacks to help move from one place to another in no time.
  4. Close to 6% were banned for using wallhacks, which allowed them to easily pass shots through walls.
  5. The remainder, 4.5%, were prohibited for unknown reasons.

Also, Garena showed a screen demo of how to report cheaters and unusual activity and reminded fans not to team up with hackers.

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