Guwahati Firemen Rescue Cat Stuck Atop Building

Guwahati Firemen Rescue Cat Stuck Atop Building

In what can be called a “puff-fect” rescue, hero firefighters in Assam’s Guwahati rescued a kitten on Wednesday that was stuck atop a second storey building in Chandmari area.

Fire tenders could be seen parked near the railway line in Mamoni Raicham Goswami path and stacking ladders for the rescue operation.

For a long time, residents were unsure if it was a fire situation as there was no such incident reported in the vicinity. Later, the matter came to light when the cat was rescued and was reunited with the owner.

The owner said the cat slipped out of the window and got stuck on the exterior concrete ledge of the two-storey building. Unsure what to do, she then dialed the firefighters for help.

Assam Press