How to get free Chrono, Hayato and more characters in Free Fire MAX (2022)

How to get free Chrono, Hayato and more characters in Free Fire MAX (2022)

Character abilities have turned out to be a great success for Free Fire MAX and its eponymous lighter version. Garena introduced the characters in Free Fire to enhance the strategic aspects of the game, and over time, they have become overwhelmingly popular.

After releasing the MAX variant, Free Fire fans got an alternative with enhanced graphics quality and original in-game content. Apart from a few exclusive features in Free Fire MAX, Garena’s two BR shooters at the core are essentially the same.

Garena Free Fire MAX: How to claim characters like Hayato, Chrono, and more for free (2022)

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LINK system allows users to unlock character abilities for free in Free Fire MAX (Image via Garena)

As mentioned earlier, the purchases remain preserved on either game, and users can enjoy the same character abilities on the MAX variant that they experienced on Free Fire. Unlocking additional characters costs diamonds in both Free Fire and the enhanced variant.


However, Garena introduced a new LINK system via the OB33 update, allowing players to unlock their desired character for free in Free Fire MAX and the original game. Here’s how anyone can get free Chrono, Hayato, and more characters in Garena Free Fire and FF MAX:

  1. Step 1: Open the FF MAX application and tap on the “Character” given on the left side of the lobby.
  2. Step 2: Users must tap on the LINK option given in the form of a “chain” icon.
  3. Step 3: Players will come across the LINK slot, and they can tap on the “+” icon to choose the character they want to obtain.
  4. Step 4: Players can link or re-link a character for 24 hours, and during the same, they can register specific LINK progress.


The game will save progress until the next re-link, and once users have reached the maximum value, they can claim their free character in the game.

The LINK system provides free character abilities, but it is still time-consuming and may take plenty of days for users to reach their goals. However, users can still procure free characters using the token method, which is available till June 8 at 3:59:59 (IST).

Players can redeem their favorite character using LINK tokens (Image via Garena)
Players can redeem their favorite character using LINK tokens (Image via Garena)

The LINK token method to claim free characters like Hayato and Chrono is given as follows:

Step 1: In Free Fire MAX, users need to open the “Event” section by tapping on the “calendar” icon on the right side of the lobby.

Step 2: Users can find “Redeem Free Character” under the “Events” tab. There are the following tasks given in the event:

  • Play one match – Two LINK Tokens
  • Kill five enemies – One LINK Token
  • Win one match in Clash Squad mode – One LINK Token
  • Reach the top five in the Battle Royale mode – One LINK Token
  • Play for 60 minutes – Two LINK Tokens
  • Play eight matches – One LINK Token
  • Play for 80 minutes – Two LINK Tokens
  • Play 12 matches – One LINK Token

These tasks refresh every day at 4.00 AM, so users can focus on collecting the maximum LINK tokens. Once users have acquired 100 tokens, they can redeem their favorite character from the event page.

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