Is the Free Fire OB34 character ‘Homer’ better than Chrono and DJ Alok? Skills compared

Is the Free Fire OB34 character ‘Homer’ better than Chrono and DJ Alok? Skills compared

Characters in Free Fire can be acquired via diamonds or the recently introduced LINK event. The latest major update of the battle royale title tweaked the abilities of many characters to create a fairer gaming atmosphere for all players.

The skills of two of the most famous active characters in Free Fire, Chrono and Alok, also underwent changes in the OB34 update. As per the Advance Server of the update, a new character, Homer, was revealed. The new character possesses an active skill called Senses Shockwave.

New Free Fire character: Homer

Using his ability, Homer can release a drone towards an opponent (if he is within 100 meters) and create a 5 meter pulse explosion that can reduce movement and firing speed. The special skill lasts for five seconds and inflicts 25 damage.

The reduction of movement and firing speed, along with the cooldown time, is given below as per the levels:

Level 1

  • Movement speed reduces by 10%
  • Firing speed is decreased by 10%
  • Cooldown time: 140 seconds

Level 2

  • Movement speed reduces by 20%
  • Firing speed is decreased by 15%
  • Cooldown time: 130 seconds

Level 3

  • Movement speed reduces by 30%
  • Firing speed is decreased by 20%
  • Cooldown time: 120 seconds

Level 4

  • Movement speed reduces by 40%
  • Firing speed is decreased by 25%
  • Cooldown time: 110 seconds

Level 5

  • Movement speed reduces by 50%
  • Firing speed is decreased by 30%
  • Cooldown time: 100 seconds

Level 6

  • Movement speed reduces by 60%
  • Firing speed is decreased by 35%
  • Cooldown time: 90 seconds

Is Homer better than Chrono?

Chrono's Time Turner ability (Image via Garena)
Chrono’s Time Turner ability (Image via Garena)

Chrono is the only Free Fire character who has been nerfed multiple times to the point where he is not worth using anymore. The character’s ability, Time Turner, can block 800 damage from enemies, but players within the force field cannot attack their opponents.

The skill lasts for four seconds at the minimum level and six seconds at the maximum one. The cooldown time of the active character gradually reduces from 160 seconds to 110 seconds after the OB34 update.

From the above, it can be clearly stated that Homer is a much more useful character than Chrono. Players can not only reduce the movement speed but also the firing speed, along with inflicting damage to their opponents using the new character.

Is Homer better than Alok?

Alok's Drop the Beat ability (Image via Garena)
Alok’s Drop the Beat ability (Image via Garena)

Alok is one of the most famous characters in the battle royale game, whose cooldown time was finally increased to 70 seconds at the initial level and 50 seconds at the final level. The duration of the skill gradually increases from five to 10 seconds.

Using Drop the Beat, gamers can increase the movement and sprinting speed by 10% (15% at the maximum level). The character also aids in HP recovery and allows players to recover 5 HP per second.

However, Homer does not help players directly in any way and is involved with reducing the speed of the enemies. Moreover, since HP plays a major role in intense matches, it is better to prioritize Alok over the new active character in Free Fire.

Disclaimer: Since Free Fire is banned in India, players from the country are advised to play the MAX version instead.

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