Man’s “Chicken Piece In Coffee” Tweet Sets Internet Abuzz

Man’s “Chicken Piece In Coffee” Tweet Sets Internet Abuzz

The photo of the coffee cup is going viral.

A man has narrated his ordeal on Twitter after claiming to find a chicken piece in the coffee he ordered online. The user Sumit even posted a photo of the coffee cup, with the chicken piece separated from the drink.

“Ordered coffee from @zomato, (@thirdwaveindia), this is too much. I chicken piece in coffee! Pathetic. My association with you officially ended today,” Sumit said in his tweet.

According to his tweet, he ordered the coffee from a popular outlet in Delhi and it was delivered by Zomato.

Sumit posted a screenshot of the conversation he had with one of the executives of the food delivery app, where he said that the chicken piece was discovered by his wife, who is a vegetarian.

He also said that Zomato offered him a Pro membership of the platform. “After doing this blunder @zomato is offering me free pro membership. Dear @zomato, you can’t buy everyone after doing these blunders. You don’t deserve me,” Sumit said in the tweet.

The coffee place too reached out to the user, apologising for the incident. “Hi Sumit. We are extremely sorry for this. Requesting to share your contact details via DM. Our team will get in touch at the earliest. Thank you,” a tweet from Third Wave India’s Twitter account said.

Sumit’s tweets and the photo sparked a debate on the micro-blogging platform, with some users backing him and others questioning why is he blaming Zomato.

“How would this be @zomato fault? U ordered coffee from xyz they packed it and gave it to Zomato, if anything it’s the fault of xyz, do you expect Zomato to make your coffee or check it after packing ? I think they are being gracious about it,” one user said on Twitter.

Sumit said in his reply, “You are right. It was totally my fault that I got Chicken in the coffee. I deserve this.”

“I am really curious, how in the world, coffee which is prepared in a very different counter/machine has chicken piece in it? Unless it is deliberately done,” tweeted another user.

“Disgusting. This is shameful. I pledge never to use Zomato ever . Zomato must any peaceful staff they have who contaminate veg food,” read a tweet.

A few Twitter users mocked the coffee place, saying they were promoting their non-veg coffee.

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