Steps to get free crate and surfboard

Steps to get free crate and surfboard

Free cosmetics and gun skins have always been a major draw for Free Fire players, who acquire both for their esthetic appeal. The latter also has the added benefit of additional attributes that make firearms deadlier.

Gamers can primarily procure these skins through gun crates available for diamonds within the in-game store. Free Fire redeem codes often contain gun loot boxes as rewards and can subsequently provide an opportunity to get permanent gun skins as well.

New Free Fire redeem code for 28 December

1) Redeem code: RRQ3SSJTN9UK

The Diamond Royale Voucher (Image via Free Fire)
The Diamond Royale Voucher (Image via Free Fire)

Rewards: 2x AK47 Flaming Dragon Loot Crate and 1x Diamond Royale Voucher

Validity: Europe

2) Redeem code: FF11WFNPP956

The 1x Engineer Weapon Loot Crate (Image via Free Fire)
The 1x Engineer Weapon Loot Crate (Image via Free Fire)

Rewards: Killer Mind Surfboard and 1x Engineer Weapon Loot Crate

Validity: Indonesia

Gamers who have been using guest accounts should link their Free Fire accounts to one of the platforms within the game. Those unfamiliar with how to utilize redeem codes to acquire rewards should follow these steps:

Step 1: The Free Fire redeem code provided above is meant to be utilized through the Rewards Redemption Site. Players can use this link to access the webpage and log in to their accounts through the option they have linked to the same.

In the event of confusion, they can simply tap on the link given above. However, users should be careful not to sign in to fake websites as they might lose their accounts.

Step 2: They can enter a code designed to be used for their region.

Gamers will receive an error if they do not follow this and attempt using a code belonging to another server. After clicking on the confirm button, a message will be displayed saving the same, and there is no way to resolve it.

Step 3: Players can finally enter the valid code in the text field and click on the confirm button. They can close the dialog box which appears, thus informing the name of the rewards.

The redeem codes have a predetermined usage limit and thus cannot be utilized after the given expiry date. Anyone attempting to collect the items using an expired code will encounter an error.

Step 4: Finally, the given rewards may be attained through the mail section.

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