Top 5 event-exclusive Gloo Wall skins in Garena Free Fire

Top 5 event-exclusive Gloo Wall skins in Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire has garnered popularity due to its exciting gameplay features and the wide range of rewards it offers via events. One can get various item skins, character outfit sets, accessories, and more through Free Fire events using diamonds or completing missions.

Some events require top-ups, while some offer prizes through spins. Neither the mode of winning a reward through a Free Fire event is fixed nor its theme. It can be based on a regional festival, a collaboration, the anniversary of Free Fire, or any other special occasion.

Gloo Wall skins are among the most coveted items that one can claim exclusively through events. Fans have already seen plenty of new designs this year that generated hype. This article will compile a list of the five best event-exclusive Gloo Wall skins that fans have seen so far.

Best Gloo Wall skins that were featured in Free Fire events

1) Cobra Strike

Cobra Strike Gloo Wall in Free Fire (Image via Roar Gaming/YouTube)
Cobra Strike Gloo Wall in Free Fire (Image via Roar Gaming/YouTube)

In February, Garena introduced a brand new Gloo Wall and other items through the Cobra Party event. The new Gloo Wall design featured a red serpent’s head with its mouth open showing its fangs. Cobra Strike Gloo Wall was among the most liked skins of 2021.

2) Spikey Spine

Spikey Spine in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)
Spikey Spine in Free Fire (Image via Free Fire)

Although Spikey Spine is an older Gloo Wall skin, developers brought it back as an exclusive reward for the Diwali Pass event. The pink and gray colored Gloo Wall skin was unlockable through login, and needless to say, many fans claimed the rare item in Free Fire.

3) Booyah Day 2021

Garena celebrated ‘Booyah Day’ by introducing a series of in-game events and rewards. One such event was the ‘Booyah Day top-up-II’ event that brought the beautiful Booyah Day 2021 skin. It was a free reward that players could unlock after purchasing 500 diamonds.

4) Gold Vault

Gloo Wall - Gold Vault (Image via Garena)
Gloo Wall – Gold Vault (Image via Garena)

The Money Heist collaboration returned for one last time in Free Fire, and developers showered fans with exclusive prizes and events. One of the Money Heist-themed events was ‘Reload Target Down,” which featured the Gold Vault Gloo Wall skin. Also, there were other rewards that users were able to claim through spins.

5) Victory Charge

July 2021 saw the Free Fire x McLaren collaboration that was the reason for the arrival of a long lineup of exclusive rewards in the game. Fans witnessed the ‘McLaren Top Up’ event, which led to the introduction of the Victory Charge Gloo Wall.

Note: This list is not in any particular order and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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