Top 5 Free Fire characters who deserve a buff in 2022

Top 5 Free Fire characters who deserve a buff in 2022

There are numerous Free Fire characters to choose from in-game. Some have active abilities, some have passive ones, and others have abilities that need to be triggered.

Despite the variations, not all characters are equal. Some abilities are lacking in efficiency, while others have become meta in-game. With 2022 approaching soon, this would be a great time to buff up a few characters in preparation for the new year ahead.

Free Fire characters that deserve to be buffed in 2022

5) Clu

Clu’s ability in Free Fire is called Tracing Steps. When activated, it detects enemies up to 70 meters, provided they are prone or squat position. The ability lasts for 7.5 seconds and cools down after 60 seconds.

Although the ability is useful, due to prerequisites associated with it, finding opponents becomes troublesome. It should be reworked to allow locating all enemies irrespective of their stance. To compensate for this, the cooldown time can be increased, and the range can be decreased.

4) Leon

Leon’s ability in Free Fire is called Buzzer Beater. It will be activated once combat has ended. When this occurs, the user will recover 30 HP. Even though this ability is somewhat useful, it doesn’t compare against Jota’s Sustained Raids.

To make the character more popular, developers can rework the ability to recover HP and EP. In this manner, players who do not lose HP in combat can gain EP and store it.

3) Otho

Otho’s ability in Free Fire is called Memory Mist. After eliminating an enemy, the position of their teammates within 50 meters is revealed. This information is shared with the entire squad.

As good as this ability sounds, finding opposing squad members is a bit difficult. Rather than simply locating the enemy squad member, the ability can also enable the user to deal increased damage. Bonus damage can be stacked until the entire enemy squad is wiped out.

2) Alvaro

Alvaro’s ability in Free Fire is called the Art of Demolition. It increases explosive weapon damage by 20% and damage range by 10%. Players who are fond of using explosives in-game use this ability. However, it’s very limited in scope.

Rather than deal additional damage, the character can be reworked to deal explosive damage using normal weapons. Bullets fired would cause AOE damage. This could be used to scatter the enemy squad and destroy gloo walls.

1) Antonio

Antonio’s ability in Free Fire is called Gangster’s Spirit. At the start of every round of a match, players gain 35 extra HP. Once the damage is taken, the max HP resets to 200. Although this ability is useful in Clash Squad mode, it doesn’t have much use in BR mode.

Rather than having bonus HP, which disappears, the character can be reworked to slowly regenerate HP over time. This would make him useful in both CS and BR mode.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions. The character abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

Q. Do you think Chrono needs to be buffed as well?

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