Top 5 Free Fire pets to avoid in Factory Rooftop Challenge

Top 5 Free Fire pets to avoid in Factory Rooftop Challenge

Free Fire players might have heard of the popular custom room challenge: Factory Rooftop Challenge. As the name suggests, players are required to dive onto the top of the ‘Factory’ location, which is present on the Bermuda map. Later, they engage in fistfights until only one of them survives.

Various factors, such as the selection of pets, can assist players in winning the Factory Rooftop Challenge. Nonetheless, some pets are rendered ineffective due to their ability and must be avoided.

Note: Choice of pets varies from user to user, and the list below is based on the writer’s opinion.

Free Fire pets to avoid in the Factory Rooftop Challenge

5) Kitty

Kitty (Image via Free Fire)
Kitty (Image via Free Fire)

Kitty should not be used in general because it has no ability in Free Fire. As a result, it serves no purpose in terms of skill, and gamers should avoid spending diamonds to obtain the same in the game. Hence Kitty should be avoided in the Factory Rooftop Challenge.

4) Mechanical Pup

Mechanical Pup takes the next spot on this list and is one of two pets alongside Kitty that possesses no ability in the game.

Consequently, there will be no use of it during the Factory Rooftop Challenge, and users can go for other options that can help them.

3) Yeti

Yeti (Image via Free Fire)
Yeti (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Frost Fortress

Yeti pet was added after the OB31 update, and it will be given to players for free on 1 January. Its ability reduces 15% of damage taken from explosives every 150 seconds at the base level.

The skill enhances with the rise of the level, and at the peak, 30% of damage taken from explosives is lowered every 90 seconds. Since there are only fistfights, this is pretty useless.

2) Night Panther

Skill: Weight Training

Night Panther is another pet that will not aid the users in any way during the Factory Rooftop Challenge in Free Fire. The Weight Training skill increases the inventory space by 15, eventually becoming 45 at the maximum level.

This is mainly unusable because the users do not need any items during the Factory Rooftop Challenge.

1) Shiba

Shiba (Image via Free Fire)
Shiba (Image via Free Fire)

Skill: Mushroom Sense

Shiba, based on the Shiba Inu, has been in the game for quite some time. Every 180 seconds, the pet’s skill tags one of the surrounding mushrooms on the map, with the mark lasting 30 seconds.

It marks one mushroom every 120 seconds for 30 seconds at the highest level. The Factory Rooftop Challenge takes place on the top of the roof, which makes this pretty impractical to equip.

Disclaimer: Although users can equip the ability of other pets into each other, the ones mentioned above are pretty useless for the Factory Challenge on their own.

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