Top 5 overpowered character abilities in Free Fire MAX (May 2022)

Top 5 overpowered character abilities in Free Fire MAX (May 2022)

Every character in Free Fire MAX has some special abilities. This can either be passive or active and used defensively or aggressively. At times, both as well, depending on the situation.

However, a few abilities tend to break this pattern. They can provide the player with an unfair advantage in any situation. If used correctly, defeat will not be known to the user.

These characters have some of the most overpowered abilities in Free Fire MAX

5) Falcon Fervor

Maro’s ability, Falcon Fervor, is broken to an extent. It increases the user’s damage output the further away they are from the target. While this doesn’t seem too bad, the issue is that the ability can stack.

Depending on the weapon being used and other modifiers, the damage inflicted is enough to one-shot everything. Although a lot of skill is required to perfect this strategy, it can be implemented with deadly effects.

4) Drop The Beat


DJ Alok’s ability, Drop The Beat, is a staple perk used by many in Free Fire MAX. While it’s not broken, it is overpowered. Once maxed out, the ability can keep the squad alive even in the harshest of conditions.

What makes this ability a wee bit overpowered is the cooldown duration. It remains unchanged at a cozy 45 seconds from base to maximum level. This allows the player to use it often in battle.

3) Sustained Raids


Jota’s ability, Sustained Raids, may not seem like much, but it is overpowered in specific ways. It allows users to heal simply by shooting at opponents and killing them.

This ability can be used to chain attacks and constantly heal in battle with enough practice. This makes it next to impossible for any opponent to counterattack effectively.

2) Ice Iron


At first glance, Nairi’s ability, Ice Iron, does not seem like much. However, upon closer inspection, it’s clear to see just how powerful it truly is. It offers two perks for the price of one.

Gloo walls can recover a percentage of their durability every second, and gamers can inflict more damage upon gloo walls using ARs. This makes the character perfect for both offensive and defensive fights.

1) Thrill Of Battle


Following the OB33 update, A124’s ability, Thrill Of Battle, was overhauled. The skill went from healing the character to locking down the opponent’s abilities on the battlefield.

When activated, an electromagnetic pulse is fired, which stops the opponent from using their abilities. There is no effective countermeasure available to players in Free Fire MAX.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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