Top 5 tips and tricks to increase accuracy in close-ranged fights in Garena Free Fire

Top 5 tips and tricks to increase accuracy in close-ranged fights in Garena Free Fire

Close-range fights in Free Fire are a common occurrence. After players rush at the enemy, ARs are kept aside and shotguns or SMGs are taken out. Dynamics of the gunfight drastically change and morph into something new.

Rather than remain stationary and shoot back, both parties move about frantically to avoid taking damage. Ultimately, victory goes to the team with better accuracy and handling of close-range weapons.

Since most players train themselves in long-range fights, they tend to stutter and faulter when engaged at close-range. Thankfully, there are easy ways to improve aim and land accurate shots when fighting a few meters apart.

Top 5 tips to master the art of close-range combat in Free Fire

5) Master the drag rotation technique

The drag rotation technique is an advanced skill in Free Fire. When perfected, it allows the user to snap-aim at opponents and fire. This saves a lot of time and increases accuracy.

While using shotguns at close-range, this technique is a must for one tap headshots. Although it will take a lot of time to learn and master, this skill is well worth its time to invest in.

4) Scope in and fire when possible

The definition of close-range gunfights in Free Fire is blurry. For some it may mean engaging opponents at less than 5 meters, while for others it can be 15 meters or more.

When there is enough distance between the player and their opponent, firing while being scoped in will be beneficial. A few good headshots will seal the deal and help improve the K/D ratio.

3) Use characters that provide accuracy bonuses

Certain characters in Free Fire have abilities that specialize in improving accuracy and reducing recoil. This comes in handy while using close-range weapons such as SMGs.

To be more accurate with SMGs, players can use Laura in combination with Dasha. Laura’s ‘Sharp Shooter’ ability increases accuracy by 35% while being scoped in, and Dasha’s ‘Partying On’ ability reduces recoil and recoil buildup by 10% each.

2) Bodyshots are perfectly acceptable

Not every player in Free Fire has mastered landing headshots. Although they are the quickest way to get an elimination, they are hard to pull off. This being the case, during close-range combat, players should aim for the center of mass.

Although vests will reduce incoming damage, by using Hayato’s ‘Bushido’ or a M1887, players can bypass the armor. Additionally, players can also use Wolfrahh’s ‘Limelight’ ability to deal extra damage when shooting at limbs.

1) Time shots perfectly

When engaged in close-range combat, shooting blindly at opponents is not going to be helpful. Players will be forced to constantly reload, which may eventually lead to ammo running out.

To be more accurate, timing will be of the essence. Rather than ‘spraying and praying,’ players need to carefully aim each shot. At first this may take some time to get used to but eventually the skill will become second nature.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions.

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