Which Free Fire character is better for beginners?

Which Free Fire character is better for beginners?

When enjoying Free Fireplace for the primary time, the sport might be overwhelming. With so many characters to select from, determining which one is the very best is usually a daunting process.

Whereas there are numerous within the recreation, two of probably the most highly effective are Chrono and DJ Alok. Their distinctive talents make them well-suited to most duties, and mastering them is comparatively straightforward. Nonetheless, which one is healthier for a newbie? Learn on to search out out.

Detailed comparability of DJ Alok and Chrono in Free Fireplace based mostly on talents and fight utilization


DJ Alok’s skill

DJ Alok has an energetic skill in Free Fireplace known as Drop The Beat. Upon activation, it creates a 6-meter large aura. When inside this aura, teammates obtain two distinct buffs: HP restoration and velocity increase.

When injured, gamers get better 5 HP/second over the course of 10 seconds. Moreover, their motion velocity can be elevated by 15%. As soon as used, the flexibility has a cooldown time of 45 seconds.

Chrono’s skill

Chrono has an energetic skill in Free Fireplace known as Time Turner. Upon activation, a dome-shaped power discipline/protect is created. It lasts for six seconds and might soak up as much as 800 harm.

Customers inside this power discipline is not going to obtain any harm. Nonetheless, they will be unable to shoot these on the surface as nicely. As soon as used, the flexibility has a cooldown time of 120 seconds.


DJ Alok in fight

DJ Alok is well-suited to gamers who need a straightforward solution to heal in Free Fireplace. His skill is invaluable for recovering HP in dire conditions. The velocity increase turns out to be useful when the person has to run away from hazard rapidly.

Chrono in fight

Chrono is appropriate for gamers who need some additional protection throughout matches. As soon as the power discipline is activated, it supplies a secure haven for the person. Though the length is reasonably restricted, loads might be achieved in these few seconds.


Each DJ Alok and Chrono are superb characters in Free Fireplace. Sadly, following the OB31 replace and Chrono’s nerf, the character is now not as helpful in-game. By default, this makes DJ Alok the higher character for freshmen.

DJ Alok’s skill is easy to know and grasp. Given the cooldown time, it may be used all through the match. Moreover, what makes this skill highly effective is that it advantages the complete squad.

Quite than therapeutic only one person, the participant can heal the complete squad without delay. That is helpful throughout intense staff fights or post-battle when everybody must heal.

Observe: This text is subjective and solely displays the author’s opinions. The skills talked about are at their most stage.

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