Which Free Fire character is better for rank push?

Which Free Fire character is better for rank push?

When rank pushing in Free Fire, choosing the right character is of the essence. Players will be able to utilize their ability to win fights and overpower opponents with ease.

Three such characters are Maxim, Chrono, and the newcomer Nairi. Their abilities are useful during rank push and, when used correctly, they provide huge benefits. However, only one of them can be the best. Who is it? Read on to find out.

Detailed comparison of Maxim, Chrono, and Nairi in Free Fire based on abilities and combat usage


Maxim’s ability

Maxim’s ability in Free Fire is called Gluttony. It is passive in nature and enhances the speed at which certain items can be consumed. Also, users can use medkits and mushrooms 30% faster.

Chrono‘s ability

Chrono’s ability in Free Fire is called Time Turner. When activated, it creates a force field that can absorb up to 800 damage before breaking. The ability lasts for six seconds and takes 10 seconds to cool down.

Nairi’s ability

Nairi’s ability in Free Fire is called Ice Iron. It is passive in nature and enhances the durability of gloo walls. When a gloo wall is deployed, it recovers 30% of current durability every second. Additionally, the user deals 25% increased damage to gloo walls when using ARs.


Maxim in combat

Maxim has no specialized role in combat. Using his ability, he can rapidly heal to stay in the fight longer. This is useful when pushing the enemy or recovering from damage.

Chrono in combat

Chrono’s main role in combat is to defend himself and the team from enemy fire. Once the force field is put up, it creates space and time between both parties. Users can seize this opportunity to either heal or plan ahead.

Nairi in combat

Nairi’s role in combat is twofold. His ability buffs gloo walls, making them harder to break when fired at by opponents. Additionally, he can inflict more damage on the enemy’s gloo walls when using an AR.


Each of the Free Fire characters’ abilities is powerful in their own right. If used correctly, players can easily defeat opponents in battle. However, when it comes to rank push, having an offensive and defensive ability is invaluable. Thus, Nairi is the winner in this situation.

His Ice Iron ability allows the user to buff gloo walls and deal more damage to them as well. This is useful when pushing enemies and holding ground during a fight. No doubt Chrono’s force field does the same, but the cooldown time makes it hard to use freely.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions. The character abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

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