Which Free Fire character is better for rank push?

Which Free Fire character is better for rank push?

When it comes to rank pushing in Free Fire, good characters make all the difference. Their abilities, when used correctly, directly affect the outcome of matches.

Maro, D-Bee, and DJ Alok are three such characters. They have abilities that come in handy in most situations. Sadly, only one of them can be the best. Who is it? Read on to find out.

Detailed comparison of Maro, D-Bee, and DJ Alok in Free Fire based on abilities and combat usage


Maro’s abilities

Maro’s ability in Free Fire is called Falcon Fervor. It is passive and is triggered when the user fires at opponents from far away.

The damage dealt increases with distance, and a maximum of 25% bonus damage can be obtained this way. Additionally, damage to marked targets is also increased by 3.5%.

D-Bee’s abilities

D-Bee’s ability in Free Fire is called Bullet Beats. It is passive and is triggered when users move and fire simultaneously.

When moving and firing, the movement speed and accuracy increase by 15% and 45%, respectively.

DJ Alok’s abilities

DJ Alok’s active ability in Free Fire is called Drop the Beat. When activated, a 5-meter aura is created and remains active for 10 seconds.

Teammates within this aura will recover 5 HP/second and receive a 15% movement boost. Once the ability has been used, it has a cooldown period of 45 seconds.


Maro in combat

Maro’s primary role in combat is to deal as much damage as possible. Players proficient with snipers can sit back and dominate the battlefield with headshots.

D-Bee in combat

D-Bee doesn’t have a fixed role in combat. His bonus movement speed and accuracy allow him to be flexible.

Users can use him to flank opponents, or fire and move to keep up the pressure, and even chase down enemies fleeing combat.

DJ Alok in combat

DJ Alok’s role in combat is to support the team during gunfights. His ability helps teammates recover HP, allowing them to focus on fighting rather than healing.

The movement speed boost also comes into play when having to move into position or retreat.


No doubt all three characters excel at their respective roles in Free Fire. Maro is suitable for providing bonus damage, D-Bee is good for ‘gunning and running,’ while DJ Alok supports the team with buffs. However, there can only be one winner, that is Maro.

Maro’s ability to deal extra damage is invaluable during matches. Even if gamers do not manage to secure a Booyah, they can take out multiple opponents with ease to earn points.

Additionally, when Maro’s ability is used in conjunction with Jota, Laura, and Moco, players will become forces to be reckoned with. They can engage opponents with pinpoint accuracy in Free Fire.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer’s opinions. The character abilities mentioned are at their maximum level.

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