Zaid Afsar of Black Flag Army

Zaid Afsar of Black Flag Army

Free Fire tournaments have kicked off this season, and players are super excited for the World Esports Cup 2021. The India Finals of this tournament will be held today and tomorrow, 29 and 30 December 2021. The top four teams from three countries, India, Pakistan, and Nepal, will qualify for the Grand Finals.

Zaid Afsar is a player of Black Flag Army, one of the top twelve teams qualified for the India Finals. In conversation with Sportskeeda Epsorts’ Debolina Banerjee, Zaid talked about his journey in the competitive world of Free Fire and more.

Zaid Afsar on his Free Fire gaming journey

Q. Since you started as a casual Free Fire player, how have things changed, especially after starting as a professional? What has your journey in mobile gaming been like?

Zaid: Just like everyone, I too started playing games casually. But luck had something else stored for me!

I understood the nuances of Free Fire very quickly and started taking part in tournaments. However, I lost many friendships along the way as they did not take gaming so seriously, and it was difficult. Eventually, I made new friends interested in the competitive gaming scenario and started playing with them.

Q. Like most Free Fire content creators on YouTube, you too shifted to using emulators while enjoying the game. What was your main reason for such a move? Did the ban on emulators affect your gaming career?

Zaid: I shifted to emulators because no one supported mobile gamers at the time in India. Since I was also a content creator, I was comfortable using an emulator.

Zaid Afsar will look to qualify to the Grand Finals of the World Esports Cup (Image via India Today Gaming)
Zaid Afsar will look to qualify to the Grand Finals of the World Esports Cup (Image via India Today Gaming)

After I started playing competitively on an emulator, they got banned from events. Hence, I decided to quit playing competitive matches.

After some time, I changed my mind and resumed playing on my mobile phone. And here I am now, representing my team at the World Esports Cup 2021. My team is one of the best Free Fire teams in the Indian Esports scenario.

Q. Since you used to play Free Fire on a low-end device during your initial days as a professional gamer, do you think there should be more battle royale games that can run on such phones?

Zaid: When I used to play on low-end devices, Free Fire used to lag a lot. I continued playing with great difficulty, but I did not give up. I played in competitions using the same phone and saved up enough money to eventually buy a new one.

Nowadays, it would be challenging to play on low-end devices as the size of the games has increased.

Q. Aside from Free Fire, there are many battle royale games that players can enjoy. What makes Free Fire stand out in the crowd? Now that PUBG New State is here, do you think more people will shift to the futuristic survival game?

Zaid: In my opinion, every game has its audience and players.

If we are talking about shifting to other titles, there are many gamers who change from one game to another. It always depends on their center of interest, just like any other sport.

Q. You are part of the Black Flag Army, one of India’s best Free Fire rosters. Tell us more about your teammates, and with whom do you share the best synergy?

Black Flag Army is one of the teams that will compete in the India Finals today (Image via Liquipedia)
Black Flag Army is one of the teams that will compete in the India Finals today (Image via Liquipedia)

Zaid: The Black Flag Army roster consists of:

  • BFA-Zaidu – Rusher/Team Captain
  • BFA-DrCosmic – In-game leader
  • BFA-Chulbul – Rusher
  • VRC•1000 – Nader
  • Bfa-Cyber420 – Supporter

I share the best synergy with BFA-DrCosmic because he has been with me since I returned to esports.

Q. What are some important aspects that players must keep in mind while competing in major tournaments?

Zaid: The most crucial aspect is never underestimating anyone in a major event. Those people too reach this point only when they have some quality, so we never think of any team as weak.

Q. The India Finals for the World Esports Cup (WEC) 2021 is fast approaching. How many hours do you dedicate to playing Free Fire every day?

Zaid: I spend twelve to thirteen hours practicing. I think the more you practice, the more you become perfect.

Q. Since eleven other teams have also qualified for the India Finals of the WEC 2021, which team do you consider to be your most formidable competitor?

The India Finals of the World Esports Cup 2021 will be held today (Image via India Today Gaming)
The India Finals of the World Esports Cup 2021 will be held today (Image via India Today Gaming)

Zaid: All teams are the best because they came here after defeating thousands of sides. However, I consider Orangutan Esports my biggest competitor. They are the power team of India and can assess what to do in any critical situation.

Team Elite (now Orangutan Esports) also won the title of Free Fire India Championship 2021 Fall, and, as a result, their confidence is also high.

Q. The OB31 update for Free Fire saw some significant changes. After all the character nerfs and buffs, who is your favorite character in the game?

Skyler is Zaid's favorite character (Image via Free Fire)
Skyler is Zaid’s favorite character (Image via Free Fire)

Zaid: Currently, Free Fire has the best active character skills. I like to use Skyler these days because he helps me in short-range combat. The character also gives extra HP while using gloo walls, making him highly useful as per my role in my team.

Q. What are your words of wisdom to all aspiring professional gamers who would love to participate in major Free Fire tournaments?

Zaid: Make sure you practice with your team as much as possible. Keep grinding and never lose hope.

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